Many students attending ENC have been awarded a merit-based scholarship, which is accompanied by a minimum grade point average that must be maintained. When a student fails to maintain the minimum GPA requirement, the merit-based aid is likely to be reduced.

This situation is not uncommon, and there are ways to prevent it. It may be too early to tell, but if this scenario sounds familiar, keep reading.

The suggestions that follow are not a foolproof plan for academic success, but it certainly is a great place to start.

Get help! 

The Center for Academic Success provides free tutoring and supplemental instruction for all undergraduate students. These two services are currently underutilized and I would encourage all students to take advantage of these services. The CAS is located on the ground floor of the Nease Library, and the professional staff is equipped to meet the diverse needs of the student population. Hours of operation and the tutor request form are located on the ENC website


The last day to withdraw from a course is March 13, 2013, but this option may not be feasible for all students. I typically recommend that a student withdraw from a course if it is mathematically impossible to pass the course. Withdrawal paperwork is available in the registrar’s office, and must be filled out and signed by an adviser.

A course withdrawal may not be the best option for student athletes. Student athletes cannot be enrolled in less than 12 credits and remain NCAA eligible. Student athletes should speak to their coach and the athletic director before making a decision about withdrawing from a course.

Withdrawing from a course is relatively painless and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Any student withdrawing from a course is required to fill out the necessary paperwork, and pay a $25 processing fee.

Petition for an incomplete (or late withdrawal)

Students that have suffered an academic setback due to health issues or circumstances outside of their control should consult with their adviser and determine if filing a petition for a course incomplete is in their best interest. Students are also welcome to consult with the CAS team in conjunction with meeting with an adviser.

Enroll in summer courses

Summer courses can provide students with an opportunity to increase their GPA. Students that are interested in completing coursework outside of ENC must first seek approval from the registrar’s office and file the appropriate paperwork.

The success of each student at Eastern Nazarene College is extremely important, and I want to partner with any student that needs support. Please do not hesitate to contact me; I am just an email away.