Canaan Hess | Staff photographer
The 2013-14 executive SGA, from left to right: Steven Rodriguez, Leann Williams, Danielle Wilson, Maegan Bourne, Weston Jordan, and Ryan Piesco. Not pictured: Joel Shaffer.

The ENC student body has spoken, narrowing the field of 20 candidates for Student Government Association to the seven that will serve for the 2013-14 academic year.

The executive SGA consists of President Ryan Piesco (‘14), VP/Director of Finance Weston Jordan (‘14), Administrative Assistant Maegan Bourne (‘15), Director of Student Events Leann Williams (‘14), Director of Publicity Steven Rodriguez (‘14), Director of Student Ministries Danielle Wilson (’14), and Director of Recreational Life Joel Shaffer (‘14).

In this year’s executive election, 355 total votes were cast.

After three positions ran unopposed for the 2011-12 SGA, each primary race this year had at least two candidates. Four students ran for the position of student body president.

Piesco’s campaign focused on a few initiatives that he hopes to implement in the upcoming year, including “Life Up ENC,” “Stop Saturday Shutdown,” “Burst the Bubble,” and “Creation Care for Christ.” He asked students to vote on which initiative they wish to see implemented first if he was elected.

With nearly 40% of the vote, students expressed their desire to “Stop Saturday Shutdown,” for example, potentially opening Hebrews and extending mailroom hours, which he plans to examine and act on first.

“I am humbled and excited,” said Piesco. “The first and most important step is to work on building relationships, both with my fellow council members and other students. Doing that this spring will lay the foundation for a successful year.”

In his campaign speech, Vice President Jordan was open with the student body about the mandatory student fees paid each year, but reassured them that he will “attempt to give the students an array of events that they will deem worth their investment.”

The 2013-14 executive SGA is aiming to “raise the bar” as Bourne said, and “leave things in a better condition than [we] found them,” as Shaffer put it.

The student body looks forward to the candidates’ promises, like growing, diversifying, and improving student ministries, holding traditional events and new events, and the assurance that students will “always be in the know,” said Rodriguez.