The Veritas News has been awarded an honorable mention for New England College Newspaper of the Year.

The New England Society of Newspaper Editors presents the award.

Editor-in-Chief Cody Shepard was notified by email on Friday, March 22 that the Veritas News was selected by the panel of judges.

College newspaper editors from across New England were invited to submit one printed issue from the fall semester and the first issue printed in February. Shepard submitted issue one and issue seven of the Veritas. Newspapers had to be submitted by March 15.

The panel of regional editors judge each printed newspaper based on its design, editing, writing, coverage, and service to its readership.

In 2012, only two colleges were awarded honorable mentions, in addition to the first, second, and third place winners.

Quinnipiac University’s The Quinnipiac Chronicle was awarded first place in 2012. The Brandeis Hoot won second place, while Harvard University’s The Crimson won third. The student newspapers at the University of Connecticut and Saint Michael’s College won honorable mentions last year.

Editors of the Veritas will be awarded the honorable mention at an awards ceremony on May 2 in Dedham, Mass.