The spring is supposed to be one of the more joyful times of the year.

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and water ice shops are opening up across America. Part of the hype of the spring season includes the potential for a successful baseball or softball season. As a Littler Leaguer, I looked forward to my baseball season all winter and was tortured with the pain that came when rain would cancel my games and practices. I hated how Mother Nature continually disappointed me, as she would annually manipulate my life.

One can only imagine what life must be like for a college athlete whose world revolves around the hope that the sun will shine on game day and that all the hard work will be justified. Unfortunately, for the baseball and softball players at ENC, Mother Nature’s wrath has been felt harshly during this 2013 season. With so many games and practices cancelled due to the inclement New England weather, it was brought into question whether or not their seasons would even take place.

Luckily for these student-athletes, that question has been answered.

Dr. Nancy Detwiler and the Athletics Department have found the solution to Mother Nature’s assault on the spring sports seasons. After countless hours of collaborating on ideas and thinking of options, they came to the conclusion that the baseball and softball teams would make a switch from the outdoor pastimes of baseball and softball to the indoor realm of Wiffle ball.

Some doubted the switch, calling it “silly” or asking “what’s Wiffle ball?” But as soon as Resident Director and Wiffle ball enthusiast Jay Govoni was named the head coach, those opinions changed to “oh, cool” and “wait, seriously, what’s Wiffle ball?”

The excitement continues to grow on campus. When asked what he expects from his players, Govoni simply said, “Although it is a different sport, I expect the guys and girls to bring the same energy and excitement as they do for their normal sports. I expect error-free play, playing as a team, and really lifting each other up.”

Govoni brings an incredibly optimistic approach to the new season.

“I honestly expect nothing less than a CCC Championship. I just think the talent is there, the drive is there, [and] the camaraderie is there. And that’s just going to bring us wins, pitch by pitch,” said Govoni.

With this type of passion and excitement, one can only imagine the bright side that comes with the beginning of a new era at ENC. Now, let’s just hope the city of Quincy doesn’t experience any major power outages any time in the near future.