Sick of all the same puzzle and word games out there? Words with Friends, Ruzzle, Fun Run—who needs them? Maybe you are looking for something a little more exciting and interesting.

If so, I say give HangTime a try. It’s the perfect iPhone app for anyone looking to spice up their phone gaming and their life—especially if you have no warranty.

The game is simple: Open the app, throw your phone as high or far as possible, and see how long you can keep your phone in the air before catching it. The app will show you the air time, as well as keep track of your best scores. It’s a great way to compete with your friends to see who can let their phones drop closest to the ground before catching it.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this stimulating app.

Using the HangTime app certainly gives you an adrenaline rush. It’s like playing Russian roulette with the ground—but with your phone’s life, not yours. The best part is that anyone could just throw their phone around, but HangTime makes a game out of it to show off to your friends. On top of that, you can do all of this for the ultra-cheap price of only $0.99.

You can even try putting the phone in your pocket and jumping around, and HangTime will tell you how many seconds you stayed in the air. It’s a super fun way to pass the time alone or with friends; all you have to do is jump in place.

I can’t think of a single downside to such a fun and brilliant app. Try it outside, inside, in class, or in your room; up the stakes by playing on different floor surfaces to put the pressure on. The possibilities are truly endless.

Next time you have some time to hang out, give HangTime a try.