Cody Shepard | Editor-in-Chief
Jamica Love’s office has been unoccupied since the fall.

Former Associate Dean for Student Development Jamica Love will return to her position at ENC this coming fall.

The Student Development Office searched for someone to fill the position this year, but after numerous interviews, SDO has asked Love to return to ENC.

“After going through a full round of a search process for an associate dean for student development, we have decided to rehire Ms. Jamica Nadina Love,” Vice President for Student Development Dr. Vern Wesley wrote in an email.

He continued, “She had one condition that we had to agree to: a whole section of the cafeteria had to serve vegan food only.”

Love left ENC this past summer to become the dean of student affairs and community engagement at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Mass.

“Coming back to ENC meant leaving [Pine Manor]. When [President] Dr. McGee called me to say Vern was leaving and that my position was still open for me to return, I felt a sense of responsibility for student development at ENC,” said Love.

When she left for Pine Manor over the summer, Love mentioned that chapel was one of the things she would miss most. This remains true.

“I remember the first time Vern told me it was time for chapel. I asked if I could go whenever it was scheduled,” said Love.

She continued, “To my excitement, it was expected that I would attend. Now that I’m at Pine Manor, there is no chapel, no chaplain, and no designated time for people to come together to worship.”

While she admitted it’s a bit “weird” to come back to ENC so quickly, she doesn’t think the transition back will be difficult at all.

“All of SDO is the same and most of the students are the same, so I think transitioning back will be easy,” said Love.

Students that had withstanding community service hours when Love left should start finishing them now.

“I’m also looking forward to working on student conduct once again. There are a few students who still had some sanctions they were finishing up over the summer so I can now check in with them,” said Love.

Love will regain her position as associate dean for student development this fall.

“I will return before the semester is over so I can connect with students before they leave. I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

“See you soon, ENC,” she concluded.