A clubs and ministries fair was recently held on ENC’s front lawn during lunch on Sept. 11. The fair gave students the opportunity to ask questions, preview, and sign up for different clubs around campus.

This year’s fair included previously-established clubs and ministries, as well as several new ones.

Loving Hearts and Honduran Soles are two of the new ministries on campus this year.

Loving Hearts will focus on giving support and encouragement to the ENC community. The ministry plans on showing up through a number of different avenues, from writing letters of encouragement to planning a number of school events.

Honduran Soles is a ministry that will collect shoes for children in Honduras.

Honduran Soles is an official non-profit organization in Pennsylvania through the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations.

Crystal Erb is bringing this ministry to ENC’s campus to help the non-profit organization reach its current goal of collecting 10,000 pairs of shoes.

“We [want to get] lots of people involved in a simple ministry like this that helps in so many ways for children in other countries,” said Erb. “It’s practical and easy since shoes and flip flops are wicked cheap.”

One of the returning clubs at the fair was JUMP Drama, a drama ministry that writes and acts out skits with Biblical themes. They perform for audiences on and off campus.

Germantown is an after-school program that comes to campus once a week. ENC students that are involved have the chance to teach and spend time with the kids in the program.

Danielle Wilson, Student Government Association director of student ministries, is enthusiastic about the opportunities for students this year.

“I’m excited about people getting excited about their passions,” said Wilson.

Anyone looking for more information on these clubs and ministries or other opportunities should contact Wilson or Maegan Bourne, SGA’s administrative assistant.