Cameron Smith/The Veritas NewsStudents in Memorial Hall prepare for the upcoming humans vs. zombies game.

Cameron Smith/The Veritas News
Students in Memorial Hall prepare for the upcoming humans vs. zombies game.

More than 50 students are signed up for Humans vs. Zombies, which begins at 8 a.m. on Oct. 8 and ends at 5 p.m. on Oct. 11.

SGA is hosting a survival orientation on Oct. 7 in the Ruth Cameron Auditorium to go over the rules and answer questions about the game.

“HVZ is like one big game of tag,” SGA director of social life Leann Williams said. “Everyone starts as a human except one randomly selected person who will be the zombie. It is the zombie’s job to infect the rest of the humans, which the zombies do by grabbing humans.”

Humans will be able to shoot the zombies with Nerf guns or balled up socks. Humans are identified by a bandana wrapped around his or her arm while the zombies wrap a bandana around his or her head.

Sophomore Cameron Smith brought the idea to SGA last year, but nothing came of it.

“Payne [Ford] didn’t seem that interested in it,” Smith said. “He said he would look into it, but I didn’t hear back from him.”

Each fall SGA usually hosts a similar game called Assassin.

Smith said HVZ is the better game.

“As soon as you’re out in Assassin, you’re out,” Smith said. “In HVZ, it’s way more fun because if you’re out you just go to the other side.”

Many students see the game as a welcome distraction.

“There isn’t much time for play in a junior’s schedule, but HVZ offers a fun outlet in a college student’s busy day,” junior Saint Mansaray said.

The cost to play is $2. Cash prizes will be given to the three humans that survive and to the zombies with the most kills.

Participants should go online to create a HVZ profile. Online, SGA will post who is human or zombie, and the missions that need to be completed for the week.

“This is going to be like war,” Smith said.