EDITORIAL — Is skipping your Monday morning class worth almost $70?

Every morning, college students across the nation have to ask themselves an important question: Do I hit the snooze button?

In high school, students have to worry about phone calls and letters being sent home to their parents. In college, the academic dean isn’t going to knock on your dorm room door if you miss a class.

Then why don’t college students skip class more often?

Each credit hour at ENC costs just over $1,000. That means skipping your Monday morning general education class to take a nap costs about the same as an Apple wireless keyboard or Xbox 360 game.

Is your nap worth $70? Is a walk to Dunkin Donuts worth $70? Is going to a sporting event worth $70?

What if every time you skipped a class you had to pay your roommate, out of pocket, the price of one class? Would you hit the snooze button or would you roll out of bed and go to class?

Now, this makes us sound like we have never skipped a college class.  That’s not true. Sometimes there is a value to skipping class, especially if it is allotted in your two or three allowed absences.

But how many times can you hit the snooze button? How many $70 classes can you miss in a semester?

As college students, we get run down. Sometimes we physically cannot make it to class. Other times we have a priority that is actually more important than class that day.

But next time you have to make the decision of turning your alarm off or hitting snooze, ask yourself: Is this snooze button worth $70?