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Last Friday, ENC hosted the popular Christian band Gungor as a part of their “I Am Mountain” tour.

Gungor’s set featured many songs from their new album released in September of this year, including the upbeat  title song, “I Am Mountain.” The night concluded with the hit song “Beautiful Things” from a previous album.

The opening set was played by Nashville artist k.s. Rhoads. His performance included self-recorded beat boxing, extensive harmonies, and even a humorous freestyle rap about ENC and the Red Sox. Rhoads seemed to be a hit among the audience.

“k.s. Rhoads was flippin’ awesome,” sophomore Kayla Rearick said of the opening set.

“His entire performance was like nothing I’ve ever heard before,” freshman Connor Theroux said.

Gungor consisted of four musicians: lead singer and guitarist Michael Gungor, vocalist Lisa Gungor, a keyboardist, and a drummer. Together, they created unique melodies and harmonies that set the mood for the evening.

Genres for the evening varied from bare acoustic to driving rock to bass-buzzing dubstep. The vocalists used auto-tuning on a few songs, singing a cappella and letting their bare voices chill the entire gymnasium. Smoke and multi-colored lights accompanied the music to create an ethereal atmosphere.

Sophomore Jaime Hultgren, who had never heard any Gungor songs besides “Beautiful Things,” was impressed with the band’s performance.

“It was so opposite of what I expected, in a good way,” Hultgren said. “It was really new age-y, which I loved. And that dubstep part was so sick.”

Rearick also enjoyed Gungor’s overall performance.

“I loved the way they worked with the lights throughout the show,” Rearick said. “And I liked the variation of music, too.”

Over 40 ENC students volunteered to work for the concert. Students assisted in set-up and tear down of the stage, security, taking tickets, and selling band merchandise.

The softball team sold concessions in the gym lobby. ONE, an organization focused on raising money for extreme poverty, is traveling with Gungor on its tour and had an informational booth available at the concert as well.