ENC’s analog cable TV system will upgrade to a digital system over Christmas break.

According to Chief Information Officer Charlie Burt, “The benefits for ENC include the installation of a digital-to-digital system resulting in a greatly improved picture, a smaller equipment footprint, and lower power consumption.”

The upgrade, provided by Privatel with an extended three year contract, does not require any changes to the jacks or cabling in the residence halls, and will come at no additional cost to ENC. As of this time, there will be no additional channels or changes to the current lineup.

“The broadcast will be in clear QAM with video display ranges varying from 480p to 1080i depending on the channel programmer’s delivery method and MPAA regulations,” Burt said.

If you already have a digital TV, you will be all set for the upgrade. However, if you own an older analog TV (and wish to continue using cable), you should consider purchasing a new TV with a digital tuner, or purchasing a DTA (Digital to Analog) Converter Box.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, the digital television transition began in 1996. Congress began to grant “full-power TV stations” an additional channel, enabling them to launch a digital channel while still keeping their analog broadcast. In 2009, these stations were required to stop broadcasting analog signals and switch over to completely digital.

By order of the U.S. government, all lower broadcasting stations will be required to shut down their analog systems and switch to digital by September 1, 2015, requiring some sort of DTA Converter Box or digital television for all consumers.