On campus, we have a fair range of different programs and courses offered to us as students. Business and management, accounting and biology, promotional writing and journalism, even psychology of sports courses. While looking through the official list of offered programs and courses, I noticed a huge area missing from the list: the culinary arts.

I transferred to ENC just a couple months ago, and I couldn’t help but notice the huge opportunity our school has chosen to ignore. It’s safe to say that a very large portion of our student body eats either in the Dining Commons or the Dugout. Why not have our meals prepared by future chefs?

The school cafeteria uses an industrial kitchen like the one used in many restaurants. Students could take culinary classes in our own cafeteria’s kitchen. It would be an excellent way to gain real-life experience while earning college credit.

Likewise, adding culinary arts to our list of programs could definitely make ENC a more appealing option when prospective students are deciding which college to attend.

With so much history and culture in the greater Boston area, it would awesome to see ENC capture some of that culture right here in our cafeteria, by our very own students.

The culinary arts are an important aspect of the arts and should most definitely be recognized on campus. We have a large cafeteria that students could use as a classroom. Real learning could be happening, with real meals being prepared and real people enjoying them.