Five years ago, using your phone in any capacity in church was looked down upon. I have never been big on utilizing my tweeting capabilities in the house of the Lord, but I see that sharing words from the pastor’s sermon can be beneficial.

Today we live in a world that shares information of all types. Not every tweet is about what meal you eat or what crazy stunt Miley Cyrus is engaging in.

One way to focus on the debate would be that during the time of musical worship, that time should be for worship.

What about the person who knits, or gazes up at random objects in the room? Some will take notes, and others will simply be sleeping. So what’s wrong with someone who sends a few tweets while still paying attention to the speaker?

Technology is naturally always advancing; some churchgoers see technology as a negative thing, but it’s what you do with it that allows it to have positive or negative implications.

I personally have slipped up from time to time and can find myself scrolling through Instagram, and other forms of social media during chapel. It’s a struggle. I’m not saying that everyone should tweet in chapel, rather that we should not throwaway the practice of it completely.

For some it will work, for many it will not. Generally, we need to hold ourselves accountable. And then we have to be willing to ask God if our intention is for His purpose.

As followers, we are called to preach the Gospel. A part of a devotional in “Jesus Calling” reads, “Seek to please Me above all else, let that goal be your focal point as you go through this day.”

When done respectfully, I find no harm in posting tweets during chapel.