Whether it’s the newest trends on Twitter or the hottest topic on Facebook, one thing is for sure: most Americans use social media. Social media has the power to either make or break an individual’s life, but in most cases, social media ruins lives.

If you were here last year, you likely experienced the winter storm Nemo. Everyone hated not having power, but there were very few complaints about social life during the storm. People were so busy having actual conversations and hanging out with friends that they didn’t miss not texting, tweeting, or checking Facebook.

Social media distracts students all around the world from actually doing their homework, creating more procrastinators today than any other time period. Not many students can spend a whole day without going on social media more than twice. Instead of spending so much time online, why not read a few pages in a book that will help you get to where you need to be in life?

People are more concerned with online networking than with actually going out to do the tough dirty work of meeting people in person. Also, because anything we post on the Internet stays there forever, there is always the possibility of an old Facebook post or Instagram picture coming back to haunt us. People have missed out on huge job opportunities all because of social media.

Social media can also take a huge toll on relationships. The amount of people breaking up and becoming enemies today because of social media is crazy. Also, more and more people create fake profiles online, so you can never be completely sure who you are really talking to.

One can argue that social media does not ruin lives, but the fact is that social media has negatively affected many people.