Leann Williams photoArt created during a worship art night.

Leann Williams photo
Art created during a worship art night.

Leann Williams, SGA director of student events, began holding worship art nights as floor events last year when she was a resident assistant. She continued the ministry this year on SGA.

The most recent art night was held on Friday, Nov. 8, and another one is being held this week, on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 9 p.m. in Munro Parlor during encouragement week.

Worship art night is not your average gathering. It’s a peaceful place where students can come and have a quiet time of worship through painting, sculpture, drawing, and music, according to Williams.

“I do not like to think of it as an event because it is all about personal prayer, rather than a social gathering type of event,” Williams said.

People worship and pray in various ways; worship art night is  another way in which people can partake in personal prayer with the Lord, but also paint or draw while doing so.

During the last art night, Williams focused on the “Song of Ascents” in Psalms.

Psalms 120-132 took students on “a journey,” Williams said. Each student has an individual path, a journey, and ENC is a part of that path.

Symbolizing how ENC is a stepping-stone in their walk, each student sculpted different stones as apart of the art project that night.

Every worship art night is unlike the last, all incorporating different forms of personal prayer.

It’s a great way to spend time with the Lord and to reflect on Bible verses while doing so through art, according to Williams.

The next worship art night, focused on meditation and prayer, is at 9 p.m. this Wednesday, Nov. 20, in Munro Parlor.