As finals begin, many students are already looking forward to the time when they can go home for Christmas break.

It can be hard to focus on classes and study for finals when there is only one week left until  Christmas break. For many, the countdown to Christmas began when they arrived back to campus from Thanksgiving break.

Junior Jackie Logan is anxious to start her Christmas break.

“I am super excited to fly to Colorado and enjoy the snowcapped mountain views,” Logan said.

Christmas break is a time for students to relax and wind down with their families, most of whom have certain traditions that they do every year.

Junior Jules Speno says her family members have a special tradition that they do every Christmas.

“On Christmas Eve, we have an Italian tradition where we do [the Feast of the] Seven Fishes. It’s a time when the family is all together, so it’s special,” Speno said. “I’m excited to be back home and relax and hang out with the [family].”

Not only is Christmas break a time for relaxation, but it is also a special time for students who live out of state to go home and spend time with their families that they might not have seen since they came to campus in August.

Junior Lauren Kett, who’s from the United Kingdom, is especially excited to return home.

“I’m excited to see my family that I haven’t seen for five months or so and [to] spend time with them,” Kett said.

Just one more week until we will all be homeward bound to see our loved ones.