Students often like to complain about how there is not enough to do on campus, but it turns out that the fault is our own.

Due to poor attendance at some events, SGA is no longer requiring class-council-hosted events. Some students will probably say that ENC already has so few events and this recent decision is not helping the students. The question I would ask them is, did you even go to class council events?

Last semester, a student wrote an article commenting on the fact that our campus has the tendency to look like a ghost town. SGA does their best to get us at events, but it appears that most students prefer the comfort of their own dorm. This disinterest also extends to athletics, which is why there has been such a big effort to get students to go support our teams.

Many students say they don’t attend school-sponsored events because of homework or lack of sleep. If this is indeed the case, then students shouldn’t complain about the lack of events when they have no intention of going anyway.

Some may argue that poor advertisement is the reason for low attendance rates. However, there are flyers in our mailboxes, announcements in chapel, weekly emails, and even a TV in the Mann Student Center, all relaying information about upcoming events—and yet students still claim that they don’t know what goes on. Maybe SGA needs to come up with more creative ways of advertising, but a simpler solution would be for students to just pay attention and make an effort to find out about events.

Some students complain that ENC events are not fun. If that is the case, then maybe we should come up with some ideas of our own. The purpose of SGA is to represent the student body, but if nobody is giving them any ideas, they will just have to create their own events. SGA plans events around what attracts students’ attention.

Before you complain that there is nothing to do on campus, think twice, because it may be our own fault.