One advantage to the never-ending snow in New England is the possibility of snow days. Most students spend the day before a snow day hoping to have the day off. However, the excitement seems to have very little to do with enjoying a free day and more about having a chance to catch up.

Based on a number of interviews, the consensus appears to be that most students spend their snow days doing homework, sleeping, or watching TV.

Sophomore Hannah Pepper spends her snow days in her room doing homework.

“I’m a solitary person,” Pepper said.

Junior Gerald McCarthy also uses snow days to “finish assignments.” If he has the time, he also makes recordings.

“I have my own studio … I make and remake songs, or do audio movies,” McCarthy said.

Junior Max Barry spends his snow days in different ways “depending on the day.” He used the most recent snow day to work on a take-home test.

Some people treat snow days like any other day. Freshman Jameson Giamo said he spends the snow day “praying, reading the Bible, worshipping, loving others, and [doing] homework.”

Junior Katharine Cianciola said, “[I] sleep, eat, work, and watch TV,”

Snow days seem to provide the perfect opportunity for students to recover from classes and better prepare for the rest of the semester.