The ENC men’s basketball team and the Boston Celtics are teaming up this summer for a children’s basketball camp that will take place on ENC’s campus.

From July 21-26, the Boston Celtics will be hosting a youth basketball camp in the Lahue PE Center.

“I think the partnership will really bring some good to our community and will really help fill a need that we have in the area,” head coach of the men’s basketball team Jim Aller said.

The partnership came about when Aller was helping run another basketball camp alongside Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

Over the course of watching some of the kids play, the two men began to discuss their love for basketball and the desire to help youngsters who are interested in basketball.

“Basketball helps not only develop your skills on the court, but helps develop you to have hard work ethic, structure, and striving to be great and that’s what we want the kids to get out of this program,” Aller said.

The camp will include fundamental drills, rebounding exercises, basketball IQ drills, and exhibition games. The camp will conclude with an ENC faculty vs. Celtics charity game to help raise money for a to-be-named charity.

The “Luck of the Lions” basketball camp will begin sign ups on April 7 for workers and students to help run some of the administrative duties for the camp.