The war between humans and zombies is over. Of the 33 participants in SGA’s Humans vs. Zombies game, 12 humans managed to survive.

Humans vs. Zombies is one of the first ENC events ever to be held twice in the same year. Director of Students Events Leann Williams said the event had seen a great turnout in the fall, and a number of students requested for the game to be held again.

Williams considers the event to have been much more organized the second time around.

“Students already knew the basic rules and ideas of the game,” Williams said. “Because of the familiarity to the game this time around, we have been able to play with more detailed missions and students have loved that.”

Sophomore Canaan Hess, a third place winner for the zombies also thinks the second event was smoother. “The layout of this one was better by a landslide … all the rules were structured nice, and most people weren’t confused,” Hess said.

The turnout for HvZ this semester increased despite a number of students being off campus for A Cappella Tour. Freshman Christopher Sibilia, third place winner for the human survivors, enjoyed taking part in the game this second time around as well. 

“My favorite part about playing was getting to go all out with the zombie hunter look and equipment,” Sibilia said.

The top three zombies were senior Josh Henry, freshman Nick Prax, and junior Austin Boucher, who tied with Hess for third.

The top survivors came as a result of a group of four working together during the final game that included freshman Billy Malas, junior Abby Spitler, Sibilia, and sophomore Hannah Welsh.

The top zombies and survivors will all be receiving a cash prize that came from the SGA fund and the $2 fee required to play.