An outside view of Saus. Used under Creative Commons License.

An outside view of Saus. Used under Creative Commons License.

Saus is a little piece of Belgium found right in the middle of Boston.

This friture-inspired restaurant is situated at 33 Union St. in Boston next to the oldest and first oyster house in New England, The Freedom Trail, and Faneuil Hall. A friture is a fast food truck or kiosk in Belgium and are specially known for their French fries.

Saus started as a collaboration between three Northeastern and Boston University graduates. The three graduates lost their jobs after the 2008 recession, and in response came together to create this restaurant. Unsurprisingly, the crowds are a mix of young college students and foreigners coming in to taste the best “friture” in Boston, as well as many locals from the neighborhood.

When you enter Saus, you will see high tables, tall booths, artsy and colorful menus, and a bright orange bicycle with a pannier for decoration. On the walls are pictures of a few volumes of the popular comic book “Tintin” by Belgian Hergé.

My love of “frites” (or French fries) is what led me here. I was more than excited when I found that they were priced for under $10. All of the French fries have a sauce that is made from scratch, or they have a variety of 13 sauces with exotic names. My favorites have to be Samurai (chili paste and mayo), Vampire Slayer (roasted garlic) and Andalouse (tomato, paprika, onions, and mayo).

Saus does not only specialize in sauce and homemade French fries. On their menu, you can find unique sandwiches and salads that are also delicious. On their snack or dessert menu are Belgian waffles and locally-made ice cream.

In case you find yourself in Boston and want to feel like you are in a little Belgian “friture,” or if you simply would like to introduce this cool and edgy place to your friends, remember to check out Saus.