No Good Deed soared through the box office, instantly becoming any movie fanatics’ favorite new suspense film.

Including A-list stars such as Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba, No Good Deed is an action packed film set around a home invasion.  A convicted felon named Colin Evans (Elba) escapes after being denied parole. Terri (Henson), a housewife, offers him a place inside her home after he crashes his car, not knowing that this charming mystery man is actually a sociopath.

Colin is a dangerous, narcissistic felon who preys on the compassion that Terri shows him.  Being convicted of manslaughter, Colin is also the lead suspect in the disappearance of five women in the state of Tennessee.  At first, Colin appears to be the charismatic, handsome, innocent neighbor but soon Terri finds out that there is much more to this man.

Terri, who used to be a lawyer specializing in women’s violence cases, has background dealing with narcissistic abusers.  The audience knew of Colin’s past, yet Terri was still blind to it.  This mysterious yet suspenseful twist left the audience wanting to see how fast it would take Terri to catch on, and ultimately, fight back.

Elba’s dramatic acting added an amazing touch to this movie, thus making it truly remarkable to watch. Watching Colin go from suave and slick, to brutally dangerous was a thrilling and well-rounded character trait.

Throughout the movie Terri held her own, doing everything to protect herself and her children from Colin.  As the leading actress, Taraji’s acting proved that not all thriller movies have a killer and an “easy target.”  Her character Terri never gave up, putting up a compelling fight against Colin.

No Good Deed didn’t provide a single dull moment for the audience.  From beginning to end, the story of Colin and Terri’s fate went through twists, turns, and unforeseen obstacles, keeping the audience in shock of the big reveals.  The suspense alone kept the audience on their toes, waiting for what was to come next.  I give No Good Deed a standing ovation for the brilliant acting and plot twists it provided. It’s truly a must-see.

Rated PG-13

Running time: 84 minutes

IMDB rating: 5.9/10

My rating: 5/5