Chapel is supposed to be an enriching and lively experience, but it should not be forced upon those who don’t want to be there.

We have all been to chapel, and it is evident that there are some students who find it redeeming.  Some students, in fact, chose ENC because of its chapel experience.  Chapel is a major part of their week and they should be able to enjoy it.

There are some students who do not want to be at chapel, however.  They sit down while others stand and sing.  They have headphones in, and don’t pay attention to the speakers.  They are clearly disjointed from the rest of the group.

These students should not be forced to go to chapel.  Instead, it should be optional.  This change would provide a better experience for those who genuinely enjoy it.  Students who love chapel are negatively affected by those who are nonchalant.

I suggest an alternative to mandatory chapel, such as service in the café or the library.  Students could also use this time as a study hall.

I understand that chapel is a very important to the ENC experience, and that new students are aware of its centrality.  But some people get nothing out of chapel.  They don’t want to be there, but would rather be sleeping, doing homework, or listening to music.  Chapel looks chaotic when some people stand, sing, and worship, but others do not.

Chapel is one of those experiences where a few unhappy people can ruin the bunch.  The people who really want to be there should be able to enjoy it without distraction by people who do not want to be there.  Students who don’t want to be there shouldn’t be forced to have a bad time, in which they learn nothing and don’t want to learn anything.  Chapel should be optional; it would keep the experience positive.