Bruins vs Celtics

Sports are deeply ingrained in Boston culture, and opinions on the favorite Boston team tend to vary. Based on a poll done by Massachusetts City Data, the home team that receives the most attention, especially during playoffs, is the Boston Bruins as compared to the Boston Celtics.

These Boston-based teams appear to never be liked equally. During hockey season the Bruins appear to be the most thoroughly supported team, and during NBA season Celtics reign supreme.  There is no clear consensus on what team is most supported universally, though the poll data leans toward Bruins favoritism.

Bruins fans are more likely to root for their team during either winning or losing seasons, while it has been said by some that Celtics fans seem to only show their team love during winning seasons.

Bruins paraphernalia is also more commonly sold than Celtics gear. Take a quick ride on the T and you will undoubtably witness riders wearing Bruins jerseys or caps. The Bruins fans also lead the debate in home game support.

“The truth is, Celtics tickets are going for half price, while Bruins tickets are going for twice the price,” owner of “Ace Tickets” Jim Holzman said.

ENC students have their own personal opinions on the Boston team debate. Some students favor the Celtics or Bruins because of a greater interest in basketball or hockey. Others cited where they grew up as determining their favorite team.

Freshman student Paulina Gonzalez from Colorado expressed admiration for the Bruins.

“I like the Bruins because personally I am a hockey person,” she said.

“I prefer the Bruins. I am not much of a basketball fan. I love fast paced sports like hockey. I also grew up going to Bruins games,” Junior Danielle Bacon, who grew up in New England, said.

Many international students or out of state students stated support and preference for the Celtics when it comes to Boston teams.

“Celtics! All day! First, I love basketball. Second, it’s my favorite team because my favorite player is Rajon Rondo,” senior Pacifique Jabiro, said.  Jabiro came to the US from his home in Rwanda.

Junior basketball player Courtney Houston from Santa Barbara, Calif. showed the regional gap in support.

“I guess I’d say the Celtics even though [primarily] I’m a Lakers fan,” Houston commented.

The Celtics have won 17 championship and the Bruins have won 6 Stanley Cups, as well as 4 Conference Championships. Regardless of where people chose to place their support, both teams remain extremely popular and permanent in the Boston sports culture.