ENC held its primary elections for the 2015-16 Executive SGA on Friday, Feb. 20 to see who would move on to the final election, which will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 25.

Students were given the opportunity to vote during lunch and dinner for the candidates that they felt would be the best for each position.

The winners of the primaries were Daniel Compitiello and Christina St. Pierre for President, Quentin Moore and Tyler Spencer for Vice President/Director of Finance, Emily Ludwig and Amanda Hiittner for Administrative Assistant, Carlos Barranco and Greg Whitney for Director of Spiritual Life, Krystal Holl and Drew Lewster for Director of Rec Life, and Frankie Bruny and David Frye for Director of Publicity.

The two candidates for Director of Student Events, Robin Dean and Noelle Rudeen, did not have to run in the primaries since they are the only two candidates running for this position.

Each of these students has been working extremely hard to prove that they are the best candidate for the job.  There have been posters, text messages, emails, and many other ploys to try and help garner more votes in the elections.

Bruny, running for Director of Publicity, described the experience as very humbling.

“Moving on to the next round is honestly really humbling to me. To see that the student body believes that I am capable of being in an executive position really says and means a lot to me,” Bruny said.

Each candidate brings a unique skill set to the position. The candidates claim that they will work extremely hard to appease the student body and make sure that the students are heard, and that they have a say in what is going on around campus.

Director of Student Events candidate Robin Dean, like many of the other candidates, is extremely excited and optimistic about the final election.

“I want so badly to serve our student body and plan events they will truly enjoy and remember, so to be given that opportunity would be such a gift,” Dean said.

Many of the candidates echo Robin’s comments and feel that they can serve each and every student in the best way possible.

SGA leaders and the Veritas News urge everyone to vote on Wednesday during the final elections.  Winners will be announced Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. at the annual ice cream social in the cafeteria.