ENC has released a new app, “Check I’m Here,” that aims to inform the student body on events happening around campus, all from their smartphone.

The app includes everything from club events to resident life to athletics to theater arts to SGA to… well, the list goes on and on. It has nearly everything, and it’s all organized within a calendar on the app. With a simple design that allows you to get quick access to news and event information, this app is a great way to stay updated.

Everyone wants events that are tailored to their interest on campus, both during the week and on the weekend. People also want a way to be connected digitally, so that in a moment’s notice they can know about what’s happening on campus. This app aims to solve both problems with its simplistic design and easy organization of events, split into two sections.

ENC app.2                                            ENC app tags

The first section is the “Organizations” that are hosting the events. When you access the “Organizations” tab, it allows you to choose from the different organizations hosting events in the next few weeks, as well as a list of upcoming events that have short titles. You can simply click the event and a brief description comes up. You can also add to your personal calendar with the click of a button; the app is automatically set to remind you of the event one hour before it begins.

The second section, “Tags,” has a similar setup with several sections underneath it. Each event has certain tags that help describe what will be at the event. They include categories like athletics, music, spiritual life, weekend events, food, and leadership. Like the “Organizations” tab, this includes news and descriptions of each upcoming events.

ENC’s “Check I’m Here” app aims to increase publicity, frequency and reach of our marketing efforts. ENC having a personal app adds easy advertisement of events to the list of mediums that the college, SGA, students, and faculty currently use.

Considering we are surrounded by advertisements everywhere we go, we all have the tendency to block it out, or simply run out of time to check and catalog each event with its corresponding date and time. Events also can be missed based on ineffective publicity or little advertisement at all. The “Check, I’m Here” app aims to make ENC students’ lives easier by putting the information where we would most likely see it: on our smartphones.

The app is relatively new and hopes to remain effective throughout the semester and into upcoming years.