Students and student leaders gathered for this semester’s first Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

The first-ever Town Hall meeting was held at the end of last semester, and they will continue to be held monthly for the remainder of spring semester.

These meetings function as a way for executive SGA members to inform students of events, as well as make themselves accountable. Students are encouraged to attend these meetings and voice their opinions or ideas.

The meeting lasted about an hour and covered subjects like Human Trafficking Awareness Week, the new ENC app, and executive changes to the Rec Life job description. Each of these topics were up for discussion, and audience members were encouraged to ask any questions they had for SGA.

New events were also announced at this meeting.

SGA President Crystal Erb announced a new promotional event called “Popped In with the President.” Starting this week, Erb’s SGA office is open for students to come speak with her during her office hours. Any student who comes to provide ideas, express concerns, or just talk to her will receive something “pop” related. Erb cited items such as pop rocks, soda pop, pop tarts, and things of the like.

In hopes to solve the students’ boredom on the weekends, the Weekend Life Committee is meeting on Wednesdays to plan weekend events. Those interested in being a part of the committee can contact the leader, Chris Estep. The Weekend Life Committee is in the planning stages, but they hope to plan for events to be held during March and April. Unhee Lee is the main idea coordinator; however, all ideas are welcome.

SGA Administrative Assistant Maddi McDonough covered the basics of ENC’s “Check, I’m Here” app.

SGA members are looking into a way for students to post comments on events after it occurred, but as of right now, those comments can only be acquired through surveys via email.

One of the students present observed that some students struggled to find the app on the Android Store when searching “Eastern Nazarene College.” It was clarified that Android users will find the app by searching “ENC events.”

More Town Hall Meetings are scheduled for each remaining month of the semester. Students should consider attending to learn about SGA, what’s happening on campus and behind the scenes, and to let their thoughts and concerns be heard.