Formal 5.2

A group of students gather on the makeshift dance floor in the caf during the Winter Formal. Photo credit: Jonni Albetta.

Only a handful of students attended the Winter Formal on Saturday night, Feb. 22.

The SGA-organized event took place in the caf, where the tables were cleared, hot chocolate and punched were served, streamers hung from the ceiling, and lights were strewn about the dance floor.

The simplistic yet charming set up was inviting enough; however, no more than a few people danced at a time.

“I didn’t even know it was happening until a couple days before,” senior Hannah Hoeks said, “I think part of it is because not everyone is in the loop. There was no real word of mouth, either… part of the problem was the advertisement.”

Freshman Logan Smith did not hear about the event until the night before the event.

“If it was brought out to the public, it would have been a good set up,” Smith said.

Despite learning about the dance at the last minute, Smith expressed that the set up, music, and location were all up to par, though he did suggest that putting food out might have attracted more attendees.

Smith mentioned that the event might have been too dependent on the “Check, I’m Here” app, where students can learn about events around campus, including where and when they are taking place and a brief description of the event.

Posters advertising for the Winter Formal were posted around the student center a few days before the dance took place.

According to Hoeks, the music may have also been a barrier to some students.

“If we had more culturally diverse music, or if we had a theme, then it would have been great. But it seems like we end up dancing to the same five songs with the same beat, and you really can’t dance to it,” Hoeks shared.

Overall, the Winter Formal garnered only a few dozen students throughout the night.