The NCAA tournament is here again, which means only one thing: let the madness begin.

March Madness brings together basketball teams with different goals, but all teams fight to be crowned National Champions.  March Madness brings in more excitement than the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, or the MLB playoffs, because these college athletes are not getting paid; they are playing for love and pride.

Everyone tunes in to watch and see what teams will be upset, who will go all the way, and who will be the “Cinderella Story” of the year.  Can Kentucky stay undefeated and join the ranks of the immortal, or will someone knock them off?  Will this be the first year a 16 seed will beat a 1 seed? Unlikely, but it has to happen eventually, right?

March Madness 2015

No matter their schedule, people tune in to watch March Madness basketball because it is impossible to ignore the excitement.  For sports fans, this is the most exciting time of the year; emotions are on edge and something crazy seems to happen just about every year.

The tournament is a one and done atmosphere—every team’s chances depend on one game.  Even once your team loses it’s easy to become a fan of another team and root for them.  The tournament lasts about two weeks, and those two weeks can be the most exciting weeks in the sports world.

The tournament has expanded to 68 teams, from last year’s 64. Villanova, Kentucky, and Duke University remain in the bracket as top teams.

Students and audiences everywhere fill-out a bracket online, or on paper brackets, with a cash bet or not, in hopes of picking the winner beforehand.  It’s highly unlikely that anyone fills out the perfect bracket, but as long as it’s better than your friends, then you can continue to brag.

Everyone wants to predict who will win it all, or who will be the big upset of the tournament. Even the act of predicting is the hardest thing to do because the tournament is full of so much, well, madness
.  Every expert or analyst can offer you advice, but no one really knows what the tournament has in store.

No matter who you have in your Final Four, there is only one thing left to say…

Let the madness being!