Alley 33 remains one of the most eclectic spots in Boston, offering culinary delights ranging from sushi to burgers with one catch; there’s a new menu every night.

An evening view of Boston’s own Alley 33.

Located right off of Boylston Street, Alley 33 is a hidden gem. Open for dining from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m., this airy outdoor eatery will give guests a unique experience.

With no physical menu, servers choose from a variety of foods available in the back. For some guests a meal may be a half eaten burger, while others may be luckier with a digested chunk of steak. If you come at just the right time, you may even be able to snag their rotting lasagna with a side of broccoli and crunchy peanut butter.

After dining, guests can make their way just past the dumpster to enjoy a late night spot of music and dancing. Often, Alley 33 features “Tom and Jerry” on their main stage. T&J consists of a group of wild cats and rats the size of dogs battling it out via meowing and squawking. Each performance feels very intimate, as audience participation in the duet is encouraged, and pirouetting away from the human size rats allows a beautiful chance to dance through the night.

Though the food and furry guests are enough to draw in a crowd, the décor continues Alley 33’s trend of impressiveness. Dining tables include the surface of a rusty tire and rusty nail-filled wooden slabs, as gorgeous green mold and beige grease line the walls. The open-air restaurant has the aroma of sewer, city life, and intricate notes of garbage that hangs in a thick cloud over your head.

Ring by Spring on your mind? Alley 33 creates a wonderful Lady and the Tramp feeling. It could be a perfect place to pop the big question—servers would delight in putting a ring in a half-moldy strawberry shortcake!