ENC has just approved a federal grant to build a new dorm on Wollaston lawn to combat the recent discovery of  a massive lack of housing for a large 2016 freshman class.

The dorm will be named “MacPherson Hall” after ENC’s chaplain, Corey MacPherson.

Resident Director of Memorial and Shields Andrew Gray is on the planning team for the new dorm building.

“The new dorms are going to be paid for partially by federal funds that are coming via a grant that the college has recently acquired. The rest will come from the student tuition, which will be raised next school year,” Gray said.

The plans to design the dorm are inspired by early works of Solomon R. Guggenheim, famously known for his museum in New York City.

MacPherson Hall will have an elegant design  inside, with a brick exterior that will mirror designs of Munro.

Construction will begin at the end of this semester and is scheduled to be done by late September 2015. This quick turnaround will aid future students and established students alike.

This dorm will be open to students in for the first semester, and boasts no requirements to get in, the antithesis of Young apartments. The cost per student ranges around $10,000 per year, about $1000 more than the cost of living in the other dorms.

Many problems occurring in existing dorms have been addressed and improved upon in the new building. Functioning thermostats and central air have been added, as well as coed 24/7 spaces in each dorm lounge, and squirrel feeders for the most important residents.

Working closely with the GRF, the new dorm aims to be completely self-sufficient and reduce harmful emissions with solar panels and a water recycling unit. MacPherson Hall will also have a flat roof top, featuring rooftop garden as well as additional coed hangout space.

With push from Dean Marion Mason and all the RD’s, the floor budgets will be enormous next year, in hopes to foster a new community in a new dorm.

With new partnerships and resources being donated for advertising interests, beneficiaries include the Boston Red Sox, who will be giving us tickets to home games, Regina’s Pizza and Mike’s Pastries in the North End, who will be offering half price meals, and House of Blues, which will partner to give students rush tickets to concert this year.

With the new dorm coming, students expressing interest can sign up, and will be entered into a room draw to experience ENC’s newest amenities.