A pivotal aspect in growing as a student is the ability to speak and discuss, but when it comes to large quantities of material consumption, lecture-based classes are more beneficial to student learning.

An absolute benefit of lecture-based classes is that most lecturers supply a guideline of notes on the screen or through handouts. Discussion-based classes require the student to take personal notes while following rapid conversation. In the struggle to write down every morsel of conversation, students may miss the core idea of what is being said around the room.

Some students do not enjoy, and further do not intellectually gain anything from, talking in class. In some discussion-based classes, students who do not speak in class will lose points for their muteness. This seems unfair since some students dominate classroom conversation, leaving little room for shyer people to pitch in to the discussion.

Lecture-based classes provide incredible learning tools for people who are not fans of speaking in class but want to internalize the content given in class. Lecture-based classes are more beneficial since the material comes from a focused and direct source instead of from an informal discussion where students may speak inaccurately, leading to further confusion. If a student provides inaccurate information or shaky viewpoints and the professor does not fully clarify, students could be learning poor information. This may lead to a warped understanding of the material, which may affect a student’s essays or exams.

Discussion-based classes allow for a lot of tangents; sometimes the class may stray from the central issue and start discussing an unrelated topic. When this happens, it wastes the class time meant for learning. Lecture-classes are more focused and allow people with less-than-perfect attention spans to remain engaged and comfortable in their learning environment.

Overall, lecture-based classes are a better way to teach in the college classroom. While discussion-based classes may employ other kinds of learning, lectures benefit the most amount of people and are sure to convey accurate information that all students can obtain equally.