Bodega is one of Boston’s exceptional hidden gems. This trendy clothing store specializes in unique Nike products and Vans apparel among other popular sports attire you would expect. This high-end store comes with a twist that makes it stand out among the others— you probably can’t find it.


Outside view of Bodega. Photo credit: Obey Clothing.

Bodega is hidden inside a convenient store in Back Bay. If you find yourself on 6 Clearway Street, don’t go in expecting to buy any of the outdated products on the shelves. One or two people may be perched behind the counter, they’re watching to see if you’ll make it to the store within the store.

How do you get in? Pay attention. There are a few vending machines inside this convenient store; the important part is which vending machine you walk toward. If you head towards the vending machine in the corner of the store straight ahead of the door, you will find all that you hoped for.

Walk directly to the vending machine. When you get close enough, suddenly it becomes an automatic door; once the door closes behind you, say hello to the most unique urban clothing store in Boston: Bodega.

Inside, you will find walls lined with sweatshirts, hats, and a great variety of colorful footwear. One of two employees will emphatically greet you, making you feel triumphant. Everywhere you look in this small store there are shoes, but not just any typical Nike or Air Jordan—styles, patterns, and color combinations unlike any you have ever seen before.

Inside, Bodega may seem just like any other retail store, but the atmosphere feels more like a party.  From the mirrors that line the top of the tall shelves, the dark hardwood floor, to the upbeat music, Bodega creates an environment befitting to the types of clothes and shoes you cannot find anywhere else.

Despite the store being on the pricey side, the experience is worth the venture to try and find this hidden retail store if you want to feel like a victor entering the final chamber of winners.