With roughly 1,200 students enrolled in ENC, quiet study spots are in high demand.

Fortunately for students, we have the luxury of having a three-story library with seven study rooms, the seventh being available all day. Additionally, there are about forty available computers in the library available to both students and patrons. While we all can appreciate the library, it can seem crowded quite easily.

If you need some solace, there are underutilized places on campus where students can get their work done, besides the library.

When surveying about twenty students on where they study besides the library, half said they either study in the Fishbowl (the study area across from the mail room) or Spange Parlor.

One student even preferred to study in the lounge of their respective residential floor. It is an ideal place to study because those rooms are seldom utilized.

The most surprising result of this survey was that most people prefer to study in their dorm room. Although this should not be surprising since this campus is full of students and roommates who appreciate the effort that goes into studying and aim to respect the environment in which people like to study in.

With the school year being three weeks young, I encourage students to claim their study territory before midterms start creeping around the corner. Whether that be in your dorm, the library, or a corner of Spange Parlor, having a designated study area is incredibly helpful.