Being active is something that we are taught is vitally important to our continued growth and overall health as we mature. Parents start their kids in various sports programs and other recreational activities in order to keep them active. Being active is an essential part in keeping the body healthy, and should be maintained in college.

That being said, due to our tiny, cramped workout area, it is very difficult to get a quick yet overall beneficial workout.

ENC needs to upgrade its gym for the benefit of its students. The weight room is small with a limited amount of machines to choose from. Many of the machines are often either broken or in need of substantial repairs.

We deserve to be able to get a good workout at our convenience, and not have to worry about a machine not working or overpopulation due to the small gym size.

For those students who have a specific workout regimen, it often isn’t even possible because we don’t have the equipment available. Our gym, compared to other college workout spaces, is sub-par at best.

Sports teams often occupy the weight room for team workouts, and can occupy most of the limited equipment that we have at any given time of day. For the students who don’t play competitively and just want to work out to remain active, this can be a major problem. If our gym had a larger variety of equipment, more space, and better machines, this problem wouldn’t occur.

One of the reasons the school may not feel it is vital to improve our gym is because they provide us free access to the Quincy YMCA. This is a great opportunity, in theory, but using the YMCA means people have to workout at odd hours or times that aren’t the best for them, in order to fit the shuttle rides into their schedule. The Quincy YMCA is packed with people, and even though more machines and equipment are available, you have to share them with the entire city of Quincy.

We, as students at ENC, need and deserve a better gym.

The weight room should be inviting and make students want to work out. Future students deserve better and shouldn’t have to be subjected to a deficient weight room to work out in.