As the leaves change, there are a wide variety of easily-accessible activities in the area to bring in the fall season.

If you’re interested in both art and history, drop by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. All you need is a valid ENC ID to receive free admission. New exhibits have been added this fall, including “Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia.” The MFA website describes this exhibit as containing “extraordinary objects that tell of the influence of Asia in colonial America.”

If Halloween is your holiday, remember Salem is just around the corner. While it’s outside of Boston, you can hop a train or bus and find yourself in the epicenter of a colonial witch-town. There are attractions such as haunted houses, mazes, art shops, museums and themed restaurants. If you’ve read “The Crucible”, head to Salem and prepare to get spooked.

While everyone knows Downtown Crossing and Newbury Street as meccas of shopping within the Boston area, there are also plentiful stores around for the thrifty shopper. Take a trip to the Garment District in Cambridge; it offers new and used apparel for men and women, including vintage apparel. This alternative to high-end department stores has been opened since 1986 so they must be doing something right. You can even sell your clothes here and make money right on the spot.

If you like the style of the Garment District, head to Buffalo Exchange. You can sell, trade, and buy newer, youthful styles within the two-story thrift shop. Check out Davis Square for other cheap, vintage apparel. There are stores that specifically stock higher-end merchandise, such as FOUND.

Massachusetts is famous for its beautiful fall foliage. Check out the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, it’s free for admission. If you happen to be around Cambridge, the Arboretum of Harvard University is part of a research and educational institution where you can learn about the landscape you live in.

This fall grab a few friends and head somewhere new. Whether it be to shop, check out new restaurants, or to check out the many museums in the area, now is the best time to discover what Boston has to offer.