On Oct. 25, SGA offered their first of many Sunday intramural sessions in the Lahue Gymnasium. The event, “Sunday Funday,” was hosted by Director of Recreational Life Krystal Holl.

Sunday Funday spanned a greater part of the afternoon and featured games, including a lengthy few rounds of dodgeball. Students had the opportunity to compete against each other and form alliances with their teams that will continue on into the next rounds of competition.

Kayla Aragon served as a referee, and explained her outlook.

“Our first Sunday Funday event went well considering we switched from softball to dodgeball due to the weather,” Aragon said.

Holl initially came up with the concept of “Sunday Funday” during SGA training over this past summer. Weekly intramural games, where students don’t need to form a concrete and professional team to compete, originated years ago.

SGA brought back the event to foster a larger community in the athletic department, and aims to continue the Sunday Funday event both for the remainder of the Fall and Spring semesters.

“We had about 24 people who came and played 6-7 rounds of dodgeball. I thought it went smoothly! People that came said that it was fun and that they wanted to possibly come to more events,” Aragon said.

Holl mentions that the lack of weekend campus events available to the student body was an inspiration for the recurring event. She aims for Sunday Funday to allow students across campus to come together and enjoy the weekend.

“[SGA] is just trying to get people that live on campus more involved on the weekends, and give people something that they can just have fun with,” Holl said.

The hope is that Sunday Funday will inspire further unity across the campus by offering an athletic event with little pressure or previous athletic ability required.