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ENC will be adding three new sports in the 2016-2017 academic school year: men’s volleyball and men and women’s track and field.

Before presenting the new sports at an ENC Athletics Campus Announcement on Monday, Feb. 15, Athletic Director Brad Zarges discussed the updates to the Athletic Department throughout this academic year and what the department is still working on updating.

When it came time to reveal the new sports, Senior Jordan Grays, Junior Jameson MacFarland, Sophomore Kyera Bryant, and Sophomore Brent Houle revealed uniforms for each respective sport as Zarges announced each one at a time.

All three sports will be held in the spring. Zarges explained that having men’s volleyball in the spring means that there won’t be any competition for the gym. ENC will be looking for one person to coach both men and women’s volleyball teams.

Men and women’s track and field will practice on Faxon Field in Quincy and will hopefully host meets there in the future as well. Zarges expressed hope that the institution of these new sports will recruit cross country runners. ENC is in the process of seeking coaches for these new sports.

In a campus-wide email, President Corlis McGee stated that the reason for offering these new sports is because of “a recognized interest among prospective students to participate at the college level in these sports.”

The sports are expected to begin in the next academic year.

McGee added in the email that “we are excited by the opportunity to strengthen our existing athletic programs while offering increased opportunities for current students to participate in athletics.”