Super Bowl 50 featured a tight rivalry between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, a game well worth watching. Not only that, but the commercials, half-time show, and puppy/kitty bowls were also a delight.

The commercials did not disappoint as far as having memorable celebrities, like Alec Baldwin, Kevin Hart, and Amy Schumer. The content in some of the commercials ranged from a puppy-monkey-baby character in a Mountain Dew ad and a Hyundai ad presenting Kevin Hart as an overprotective father while his daughter goes on a date.

For most people who are not avid football lovers, a comment like “I’m just here for the commercials” is not uncommon. Marketers are aware that the commercials are just as popular as the actual game, as some are willing to pay up to $5 million for a thirty second spot. Annually, the Super Bowl is the most-watched event during any given year. Even those who aren’t fans of football treat the game like it’s a national holiday.

The combination of Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars for the Super Bowl half-time show had the masses holding their breath. No one knew what exactly to expect, but they all knew they were not going to be disappointed. The brilliant performers each brought a dynamic quality to the special night as millions were in awe of such a historic display of talent.

The thirteen minute show started off with a tease of “Yellow” by Coldplay, followed by their famous hit “Viva la Vida.” Throughout their performance they were accompanied with rainbow-colored instruments and an entire band. The crowd went wild when Bruno Mars and company came onstage to pleasantly disrupt the concert with “Uptown Funk.”

However, Bruno Mars’ energy was preparing the audience for who was about to come out on the field: the Queen of Pop herself. Beyoncé was the climax of the show by coming out to her new song “Formation.” While some controversy has emerged about some of the more overtly political aspects of her presence in the half-time show, it was the art and the essence that truly mattered. Beyoncé used such a large platform to test out her new material, which worked to her advantage. She broke out her first solo “Crazy in Love” after her mashup with Bruno Mars.

The one quality that made this half-time show so memorable was how grandiose it was. There were fireworks, screen-generated images, and an enthusiastic crowd. Bruno Mars and Beyoncé even competed in a dance-off before Chris Martin came onto the platform with them to finish “Uptown Funk,” which sounded like the best collaboration ever presented at the Super Bowl. If there’s anything special to be expected from the Super Bowl, the half-time show is always a success.

For some it might be the football, the commercials, and even the half time show, but what really makes the Super Bowl a phenomenon is that it has an entire country captivated. The idea of the Super Bowl is more than a game; it’s no longer just about playing football. It’s a high-price marketing strategy, a concert, and an entertainment venue all in one.

Reporting contributed by Darvence Chery.