New England not only offers some of the most beautiful fall scenery to be found anywhere, but it also offers some of the most enjoyable activities for the season. As a college student away from home, you may have trouble finding some local, fun activities, but Boston has fall activities that make you feel like you are at home. Here is a list of the top six things to do in and around Boston.

1.) The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is a research and educational institution located in central Boston. The arboretum boasts hardy trees, shrubs, vines, and much more. There is absolutely no better place in all of Boston to see the fall foliage unfold while tasting some hot cocoa. This location offers free admission.
2.) Did someone say ice skate season? Frog Pond is an ice-skating rink in the colder seasons with a snack bar and carousel. The rink opens on November 19 and admission is six dollars per person. You can find this out-door rink on the Boston Common a short walk from Park Street Station.
3.) Parker’s Barn in Mason, New Hampshire, is home to some of the best breakfast food in New England. Set on a large farm, Parker’s Barn has an old northern New England feel to it. Due to constant demand, the wait for a table inside the restaurant is often two hours long or more. While waiting, visitors are invited to explore the shops, river bed, and concession stands. The shops contain a large assortment of handcrafted merchandise, and customers can often be found lining up outside of the donut stand for an apple cider donut.
4.) The Museum of Fine Arts opens it’s doors to college students starting at the beginning of the fall semester. The MFA invites DJs and performers to play music while giving out free food and prices!
5.) Brooksby Farm is one of the most well known apple farms on the North Shore. Brooksby offers everything from apple picking to hayrides to a petting zoo. Visitors can also visit the market where a large assortment of pies, jams, and fruits are available for purchase. Cider donuts are a hallmark of this age-old farm, and there is plenty of cider to go around. Brooksby also has a large pumpkin patch where patrons can pick out pumpkins to make into jack-o-lanterns. Hiking trails surround the farm, and visitors can be found hiking, running, biking, and even cross country skiing as the weather gets cooler. Be sure to dress warm as the majority of the farm is outdoors. With plenty of parking and more to do, Brooksby Farm makes for a great day for you and your friends.
6.) Salem, Mass., is the hub of Halloween. Many people travel from all over the world to check out Salem’s ghost tours, haunted houses, witch trials, and much more. It has a very spooky feel to it and many regular residents are dressed as familiar characters. Be prepared to meet Frankenstein, Glynda, Hansel and Gretel, or the bloodied “victim” of an attempted serial killer.
There are many things to do in New England in the Fall — you just have to get out there and look for them! Just taking a stroll through the city and seeing every one bundled up while colorful leaves make their way to the ground may be enough to satisfy your fall cravings.