ENC held a leadership conference at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham on Saturday, January 17, with over 40 students in attendance to participate in the workshop.

The event was run by Keri Lewis, the head of Community Life. She created it so that leaders from across the campus could come together and discuss current events happening on campus and how to become better leaders. Lewis invited resident assistants, class council members, and other student leaders on campus to get away from the college for a day and collaborate.

During the the course of the conference, the students attended numerous activities including listening to a keynote by State Representative Russell Holmes, participating in workshops led by Krista Bogertman, Tara Watkins, and J.D. Brenke, and of course, sharing in communal meals. The topics of the workshops incorporated leadership through acting and improvisation. These methods were used to reinforce the application of leadership skills in different situations. Other topics included how to market leadership skill through your resume.

Noelle Rudeen, Student Body President of the Executive Student Government Association, said, “The student leadership conference is honestly my favorite event of the year. It is a great chance to get students from different areas in campus to get together and have meaningful dialogue. We talk about areas where we see students struggling and where we want to see growth. It’s always a fun day, and there are games and activities throughout that guarantee it.”

In the coming years, it is expected that the leadership conference will continue to grow and will be featured at different locations to continue the school’s efforts to promote leadership and build the campus environment for the students.