ENC will no longer offer three academic programs as majors at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year according to a statement released by ENC President McGee to the ENC community on Wednesday, January 25.

The majors effected are English and Literature, Music, and Theater.

In the email, McGee said the reason for closing these programs is due to an academic redesign and strategic planning process that ENC has been engaged in for the past two years.

“The goal of this process was to reaffirm our mission as a Christian College committed to social justice, while at the same time redirecting resources to high demand, sustainable programs that will ensure the College has a strong and effective future,” McGee wrote.

President McGee has ensured students affected by this will be helped in every way possible so they may complete their degree and graduate on time.

Five full-time faculty positions are being eliminated as a result by the end of the 2017-2018 school year.
On ENC’s official website, an optimistic news piece was posted addressing the loss of these programs. Titled “Theater, Music and Literature will continue at ENC,” the article covers various ways the college will keep theater, music and literature.

This includes: continuing to provide students with music/choral ensemble opportunities, continued theater performances, keeping the Arts and Literature in core curriculum and elective offerings, and capitalizing on our Boston location.

McGee acknowledged that these are difficult days for our community, however she remained hopeful saying, “The decision made today will assist us on the path to our preferred future of being a strong Nazarene school embedded in the Wesleyan tradition, transforming the lives and guiding students to their purpose in Christ.”