A proposal to form a partnership between ENC and Trevecca Nazarene University was announced during campus community meetings held on both campuses February 6.

According to Nazarene.org, “The proposed partnership includes shared administrative oversight, operational cost efficiencies, shared program resources and expanded impact.”

ENC President McGee stated, “The proposed partnership would create expanded course offerings and opportunities for students of both institutions.” She continued, “Technology would allow for expanded course offerings at both ENC and Trevecca, and exchanges could be arranged for both faculty and students.”

Students could travel, and take courses at their sister school, which would enrich students’ learning experiences.

“This collaboration can broaden and deepen the opportunities for our students,” said Dan Boone, Trevecca president. “We envision semester options for our students to study American history in Boston or music or Civil War history in Nashville.”

The decision is not final. Both college’s Board of Trustees will consider the proposal at their upcoming spring meetings.