The city of Quincy hosted its first annual Food Truck and Music Festival on Saturday, September 30. This event was held on Coddington St. in Quincy Center and on Quincy High School’s front lawn making it a centrally located and easily accessible event.

Despite the rain Saturday evening, the “rain or shine” event had people showing up for the festivities. In response to the rain, adult events were still held throughout the downpour, but some of the children’s events were cancelled.

The James Montgomery Band headlined the music festival. Other performers included Trusty Sidekick and Liz Bills. Live music began at 12:00p.m. and ended around 6:00p.m.

Over twenty food trucks arrived for the festival, and thousands of people attended. The Facebook Page for this festival stated that “trucks [included] Gotta Q Barbecue, Just Say Cheese, Montillio’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Teri Tummy Asian, Fenway Sausages, Jamaica Me Hungry, Spicy Salsa, Tracey Girl Waffle, Travelin Bones and much more.”

Quincy’s Mayor Thomas Koch stated that “these are the type of cultural events that the community desires. We hope to put together a signature Quincy event every month as we move toward Quincy’s 400th anniversary. It’s also a great event to bring others to our historic and vibrant city.” In 2016, Quincy held a Food Truck Festival without live music. This is the first Food Truck and Music Festival for Quincy. Officials have been keen on establishing annual events that attracts all age groups. A food truck and music festival is the perfect way to do just that.

Admission was free to the public and the event was also pet-friendly, making it a fun and inexpensive experience for Quincy residents to attend.