The Freshman class elected the Freshman Class Council on Friday, October 6. As part of the Student Government Association (SGA), this class council is there to support the freshman class, to celebrate each other’s stories, engage in meaningful relationships, and ultimately experience the transformative grace of God.

The newly elected President of the Freshman class, Joseph Cataldi, commented “I am happy to be President because I feel great love and passion for ENC and its environment. The President is responsible for the effective management of the class council and he will meet regularly with the Executive President of the SGA. Cataldi’s goal is to “generate great school spirit, pride, and excitement for events.”

The new Vice President of the Freshman Class is Shawn Kerry. The 18-year-old Finance Major enjoys having this leadership role, stating that he wants to “bring the Freshman Class closer together” and let everyone be heard. Kerry explained how he would like to “organize fundraisers or big meetings where every Freshman can bring in their ideas.” A large portion of the role of Vice President is to manage the finances of the Freshman class. On this, however, Kerry says that he first needs to “figure out what the financial goal of the Freshman class would be.”

Jenna Meacham holds the position of the new Administrative Assistant, which serves the class council as secretary and works with the Director of Publicity. Meacham will be responsible for documenting the Council’s work and progress and submitting it to the Accountability Review Board. This is an important duty for the council, as it ensures they are fulfilling their duties as a council throughout the year.

Timothy Eddings was elected as the new Student Events Representative. This goalkeeper of the ENC men’s soccer team will coordinate all social activities sponsored by the class council. According to the Student Constitution, each council must host at least one social life activity each semester, and Eddings will be taking on this responsibility for the freshman class.

As the new Class Chaplain, Mark Lima will be the student coordinating class chapels and organizing a community service project. Lima will also responsible for coordinating any spiritual and service-oriented events.

And finally, the new Director of Recreational Life, Quinn Smith, will organize all recreational life events for the council, with at least one event per semester. Smith is also responsible for assisting in all intramural programs and recreational activities with the SGA Executive Director of Recreational Life, Danny Blue.