As I Write This…

I am tempted to explain what I mean by Alia Via. The alia via is simply, “another way.” To me, it refers to a great many metaphorical thing. It is a cry for mercy, when there simply must be another way. It is a solution to a problem, another way of thinking. It is both pluralistic and monistic, allowing for options, but calling for a single choice. It is both cherished and forgotten, both given and taken, both fair and just.

For these reasons, and more, I give you the Alia Via.

Clearly, the fine, beautiful people at the Veritas have lost their desire to keep their jobs. After all, I’m the one writing this for you, the reader. They have miscalculated the risk quite drastically, but who am I to turn down a chance to think? If you know me, you see this as truth. If you do not, in time, you will see the same. But, contrary to my reputation, perhaps even I can find “another way.”

This journey will take a look at plenty of ideas, thoughts, questions, and challenges of the Faith, in “another way.” Perhaps not your way, perhaps not even mine. Nevertheless, I find myself increasingly aware that a shift needs to happen in the lives of those with the Faith. And it cannot come soon enough.

We who confess to believe in the saving name of Jesus have gotten weary. Tired. Lazy. Apathetic. Dull. Merciless. Cruel. We sit and stand, and sit and stand, and sit and stand in our churches, week after week, proclaiming a God who loves the Created Order. But we do not love those we disagree with. We send missionaries across the world, to places we think have less than we do, but we pass by the homeless and the broken, averting our eyes to feel less guilty for not sparing some change.

I am not here to condemn us. I do this often. I am a crucial cog in the machine that Christianity has become. We have got to start thinking alia via. Acting alia via. Believing alia via. So, as I write, and reflect, and share, I want feedback. I want to dialogue with you, ENC. I want you to dialogue with each other. I want people to feel safe to share their beliefs and opinions without fear of being emotionally castrated by those we walk and sit and live and eat and learn and pray with.

As I write this, I harbor great anger at a few folks in this world. Folk from my past, and my present. Some, even right here at our college, our home. If I cannot speak to you with authority, then let me entreat you with grace. If you are still here, still hurting, still broken, still angry, and still breathing, then our God is not done with you yet. You have a great many things to do.

So, let’s find alia via to do them. Together.