The cold weather is on its way, and something spooky is in the air: the return of Humans Vs. Zombies! This weekend long campus-wide game will be going on from Friday, September 20th to Monday, September 24th and everyone is invited. The event, headed by Executive SGA events planner, Aaron Hebert, is a great way to kick off the Halloween season.

The rules of the game are simple. One person is chosen to be the head zombie, and the rest of the players are human. The head zombie will start to “infect” other players by tagging them, while the human players try to defend themselves with the help of Nerf blasters or rolled up socks.

The event will start at 6pm Friday and end at 6pm on Monday. More official rules will be listed at the mandatory meeting on Friday at 4pm in the Ruth Cameron Auditorium.

Hebert is excited to see the event happen for the second year in a row. He explains, “it’s going to be awesome!”

Jesse Ruiz, the head zombie from last year, says what it meant to him: “It was an absolute honor…without a good head zombie, there really is no game.” As for the human side though, his best advice is to always be on guard. “If you like tag, you like zombies, you like being in constant fear…come out and play,” says Ruiz.

A final word of advice for all players: be nice to one another and be safe. It’s great to win, but you don’t want to get hurt over it.

The best way to sign up for Humans Vs. Zombies is through the ENC events app, or by visiting