Major renovations took place on Eastern Nazarene College’s campus this summer in the Bower-Grimshaw Center (also known as the Admissions Office), the Commuter Lounge, Williamson Hall, Shields Hall, and Munro Hall, among other locations.

These renovations were made possible by two anonymous donors looking to improve ENC’s campus. Jeff Kirksey, the Vice President for Student Development and Campus Services, was responsible for overseeing the renovations. He explains that there was a donor who “want[ed] to enhance people’s first impression with ENC” and “better utiliz[e] the Admissions space.” Kirksey notes the other donation made was dedicated to the “physical enhancement [of] campus that could benefit the recruitment, as well as retention, of students.”

Plans for the Bower-Grimshaw Center and the Commuter Lounge began around the time when these two generous donations were received in May of this year.

Renovations in the Bower-Grimshaw Center consisted of moving the Admissions staff members to the mezzanine floor of Gardner Hall, installing hardwood floors in the first floor space, painting the walls, adding next light fixtures, and installing two fireplaces. New carpet was also installed in the first floor of Gardner Hall where more offices are located. “I’m excited to make this a space where people feel comfortable and at home,” states Hillary Sunberg-Detwiler, the Hospitality Coordinator for the Office of Admissions.

The Commuter Lounge is now a completely new space for people to enjoy, thanks to work of the Cawthorne family. Anne Cawthorne, the Operations Manager for the Athletics department, and her husband Dave, jumped at the opportunity to help remodel the space. Anne’s love for the television show “Fixer Upper” inspired her to give the space a modern-industrial style. The Commuter Lounge has been redesigned to include two areas including a centralized location for commuter services and a larger living room space where commuting and residential students can relax, socialize, or study.  The space has been named the Family Room. The room currently includes a fireplace, television, lockers, computers, a miniature fridge, and a microwave.

“It was all [done] out of love for this school,” explains Anne. “I want people to know that it is a space for all students. I didn’t want it to be just for commuters or for students that lived on campus. I wanted it to be for faculty, staff, students, everyone.”

Other renovations done in Williamson Hall and Shields Hall were completed by teams sent through regional churches participating in the Church of the Nazarene’s Work & Witness program. This group donated supplies including ceiling tiles, paint, and carpet. They also provided professional manual labor.

In a testament of the generosity of ENC’s financial supporters, the renovations in Munro Hall this summer were the only renovation project  funded largely out of the College’s ongoing capital budget.  Changes in this building include the complete renovation of the third and fourth floors in preparation to house graduate assistants. The building’s security will also be increased, with the addition of new door scanners for every building and floor entrance. These renovations are expected to be completed around mid-October.

The facilities at Campus Kinderhaus also underwent physical renovation over the summer season.