There has been a rumor going around campus that student workers’ hours are being cut. According to Lauren Bowen, Director of Human Resources, “that rumor is not true.”

Eastern Nazarene College has instead increased the student worker budget in each of the past three years. They did this to keep up with the rise of the Massachusetts minimum wage.

“There was an assessment done of the various student worker budgets as part of our current budget cycle,” said Bowen. “From this assessment it was discovered that some departments were underutilizing their student budgets while other departments were over [utilizing them so] some changes were made based on this assessment. Departments that were over budget were asked to remain within budget and in some cases departments that were under budget had their budgets realigned to better match their usage.”

As far as student work goes, there are still plenty of jobs available on campus waiting to be filled. Just stop by the Human Resources Office on the 2nd floor of Gardner Hall to pick up an application or download it from the portal. Bowen will be happy to assist any potential applicants in that process.

The student worker budget is increasing; assessments are being done to ensure all departments are making proper use of their respective budgets.