It is intramural season at ENC and six teams have come together to face each other in a fierce competition for the title of Intramural Dodgeball Champion.

The first round of tournament saw a great turnout with about fifteen fans coming to support their favorite teams. Noah Cheney, Director of Recreational Life, expressed that after such a good start he is “super excited to see what is to come for the rest of the season.”

According to Cheney, “There was lots of energy in the gym and it was a great atmosphere.” He hopes that this continues for the rest of the season. This year, one more team than last year is competing, making a total of six teams with a minimum of four players on each team. The captains (Janille Hylton, Will Francis, Jesse Ruiz, Gina Lozano, Quinn Smith, and Corey Davis) lead their teams through the tournament. Gina Lozano, the captain of “The Harvard Rejects,” says that she likes to play dodgeball because it is fun.  She also expresses a competitive drive, hoping to win the tournament with her team. The Residential Directors Jaynani Cababat and Matthew Galiano-Williams competed with students on the court as well on Francis’ team.

Intramurals are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday night from 10:00pm to midnight if the gym is available. The games are scheduled so late to allow the most people to participate, when there are no classes. It is an opportunity for many students to get involved with the community and create friendships.

Intramural sports allow students who are not on varsity teams to participate in different sports with their classmates and anyone is welcome to come cheer on their friends, students and classmates.

If you are not interested in Dodgeball, Cheney has planned other intramural sports as well, such as Volleyball (team sign-ups closed on Friday, November 9), Basketball (January), Soccer (February), and Ultimate Frisbee (March).